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At Street Customs Racing, we specialize in the customization of the Kawasaki ZX-4RR & NINJA 400 models.

About Street Customs Racing

How It All Got Started...

Since 1997, Street Customs Racing has been on a mission to enhance the sportbike experience for enthusiasts through top-notch aftermarket accessories. Founded by avid street riders and track fanatics, we infuse our passion into the development of our own product line, setting new standards for quality, design, and value for your investment. Our parts are not just cool; they make perfect sense. We solve simple problems with simple solutions and rise to the occasion when presented with intricate challenges, showcasing our boundless capabilities and commitment to “Design Without Bounds.” We don’t settle for cheap or expensive; we specialize in smart. Whether you’re a street rider or a track enthusiast, we’ve got your back. Moreover, our unique business model in the industry allows us to deliver exceptional value for your dollar.

Sportbikes are not just a mode of transportation; they represent a way of life. Whether you revel in bike nights or seek the adrenaline rush of knee-dragging on the track, we understand your passion. That’s why our mission is to make your sportbike journey as exhilarating as possible. In addition to our own meticulously crafted parts, we provide unmatched technical support because we spend countless hours working on our own bikes. We also offer select items from other trusted brands that complement our own, expanding the SCR experience to cater to your needs.

Our Mission

For far too long, the realm of sportbikes and their devoted owners has been trapped in the realm of monotony. Ordinary has become the accepted norm.

Our mission is to shatter those barriers.

Since 1997, Street Customs Racing has embarked on a transformative quest to elevate the sportbike experience for passionate riders through a wide range of aftermarket accessories. As a company founded by street riders and ardent track fanatics, we channel our unyielding zeal into crafting a distinctive lineup of products that redefine benchmarks for quality, design, and exceptional value for your hard-earned money. But our commitment doesn’t end there; we also curate an exclusive selection of parts from trusted brands that we personally rely on for our own bikes. And beyond the products themselves, we strive to provide an unrivaled online shopping experience that encapsulates the essence of our industry.

Find Your Ninja's True Potential With Street Customs Racing Upgrades!


Street Customs Racing Garage

Clearwater Florida

Come in and visit us anytime our doors are open!  Wether you have a question, want to pick up your parts, or talk about a custom build… stop by and visit and we are happy to meet you in person.

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